Papers & Patents


  • Du, J., et al., PAI Data, Summary of the Project PAI Data Protocol [pdf]
  • Harvilla, M.,  Du, J., Prospective Hybrid Consensus for Project PAI [pdf]
  • Harvilla, M., et al., Proof of Work Based on Training of Machine Learning Models for Blockchain Networks [pdf]
  • Lihu, A., et al., A Proof of Useful Work for Artificial Intelligence on the Blockchain [pdf]

Artificial Intelligence

  • Bunn, J., et al., Creation and Application of Audio Avatars from Human Voices [pdf]
  • Harvilla, M., Method and System for Speech-to-Singing Voice Conversion [pdf]
  • Kaewtip, K., et al., System and Method for the Analysis and Synthesis of Periodic and Non-Periodic Components of Speech Signals [pdf]